Railway transportation

One of the most popular and profitable types of transportation is a railway transportation. A fairly wide range of the goods are transported by railway, including dangerous, oversized and other cargoes. Shipping operations by railway transport have a number of advantages, which are shown up in full only when there is a professional approach to their organization.

Firstly, delivery of bulky cargos can be arranged by rail, which cannot be transported by means of motor transport. Secondly, rail transport ensures fast and safe transportation of very large quantities of loose goods, various raw materials and construction materials. Thirdly, there is a choice of the type of the car, where the goods will be transported to guarantee the safety of cargo delivery. Another argument in favor of railway transportation is an exact time of arrival of the goods.

Within the transportation of cargo by rail you obtain a package approach that includes the following:

  • development of optimal routes for the movement of cargo;
  • organization of cargo handling that guarantees its safe stowage and securing;
  • postal-baggage and cargo transportation;
  • consulting services

We aim to establish long-term partnerships and appreciate each of our client’s trust, and therefore improving the quality of railway transportation services through the development of optimal logistics solutions is one of the priorities of our company.




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