Sea transportation

Carriage of the goods by sea is the most economical mode of transportation of the goods over long distances.

Firstly, this type of transport is universal – practically any cargo (solid, bulk, liquid, gaseous) can be carried on a ship, and the delivery of some large-sized and heavy cargos (oil platforms) is possible only by water.

Secondly, use of internationally recognized container system considerably facilitates handling activities resulting in increase of cargo turnover in the sea port terminals.

Thirdly, the low cost of shipping by sea significantly reduces the share of transportation costs in the cost of the goods.

The BSC Logistic maintains strong partner relationships with many well-known shipping companies, owing to which the cargo transportation and tracking process is under our full control.

In addition to the direct transportation of cargo by sea, the company offers related services that enable comprehensive servicing of this type of transportation of the goods.




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