Trucking - popular type of transportation. Allow to deliver both small and oversized cargo.
Shipping. Carriage of goods by sea are the most economical way of transporting goods over long distances.
Airfreight cargo to rule out any losses, and insurance will prevent possible risks.
Rail transport is one of the most popular and profitable types of transportation.
Warehousing. «BSC Logistic» offers its storage service, which greatly simplifies the logistics ...
BSC Logistic - a reliable partner for your business.


BSC Logistic

The BSC Logistic Group of Companies provides a full range of transportation, customs and logistics services. The principal direction of the company’s activity is the complete international freight services, including:

  • customs clearance
  • forwarding services (motor, air, sea and railway transportation)
  • delivery of consolidated cargo
  • warehouse services
  • insurance and consulting

Services provided by BSC Logistic

Customs clearance

In a qualitative manner. On time.

Warehouse services

Reliability, safety, convenience.

Insurance and consulting


Forwarding services


Motor transportation

Mobility, convenience, cost effectiveness.

Air transportation

Rapidity, versatility, long range.

Sea transportation

High lifting capacity, cost effectiveness, versatility.

Railway transportation

Reliability, safety, fastness.



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Almaty Peking
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